Blue Shell Resort

Nestled on a quiet beach, TheResortfar from the bustling centre of Mui ne is Blue Shell Resort, hidden within its own lush tropical gardens and with an unparalleled expanse of white sand separating it from the bath warm East Sea. The resort has been designed with the guest in mind, from the sumptuous wooden restaurant with its historic charm to the individual rooms, decadent in their wood finish. Allow life to just breeze gently past you as you relax by the pool, book in hand or unwind with a sunset stroll along the beachfront. Forget to wake up or refuse to go to bed and indulge yourself in the local cuisine and culture and see a quieter side of Mui ne, away from the crowds and everyday strife.

Each room has been designed to give the guest the utmost privacy and the outdoor Balianese style bathroom area is a must under a illuminatingly spectacular  full moon. The fittings and furnishings, fabrics and decorations are beautifully in harmony with the ambiance of the resort and the architecture mirrors that from a by-gone era with huge attention to detail and nowhere is this more evident than in the restaurant.HinhMoi Sip a delicious locally grown fruit cocktail while taking your time to order from the mouth watering menu Blue Shell has to offer. Mui ne's seafood is a must try and if you rise early enough and visit the fisherman arriving with their nightly catch just a stones throw from the resort, you may just spy some of the delicious treats that will make up Blue Shell's menu that day.

Whether you are a family looking experience a little of Mui ne's watersports or bike trekking to a couple needing to recharge your inner batteries, Blue Shell can give you that long awaited, much needed "you" time. We will provide you with a culinary experience that will melt on your tongue, a surrounding that will captivate your imagination and the feeling that you have not only visited us as a guest, in doing so you have become our friend.

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Address: Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan, Vietnam
Tel: +84 (62) 383 6666 - 383 6668 | Fax: +84 (62) 383 6667
Hotline: 0123.965.5656
Sales: 062.22222.99
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